Making complex documents simple

Making complex documents simple

The document production platform delivering efficiency, transparency and control to financial advisers, paraplanners and enterprises.

Automate any document including Statements of Advice, Records of Advice, Strategy documents, Quarterly reports and more.

Empowering Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

Financial advisers and paraplanners are using Nod to escape the shackles of financial planning tools and Microsoft Word. 

Get your Statements of Advice done in a fraction of the time by creating your own automated workflows.

For Financial Planning Firms

Financial Planning firms use Nod to drastically reduce the time it takes to produce complex documents within their practice. Document use-cases include Statements of Advice, Records of Advice, strategy papers and quarterly reports. 

Why spend hours writing, editing and reviewing a Statement of Advice when you could get all this done in a fraction of the time? Financial advisers and paraplanners use Nod to automate their document production workflows and deliver peace of mind on compliance.

For Enterprises

Automating complex documents is hard at small scale let alone at the scale of enterprise businesses. Nod can assist enterprises to deliver predictable document turnaround times to their teams through data-driven document production. 

Create automation workflows that deliver control and transparency on document production times. Produce bespoke reports from document data that give confidence in the quality of the documents being provided to customers and compliance with industry regulations and best practices. 

Trusted By over 40 financial planning firms

Financial Planning firms all around Australia are using Nod to increase the quality and efficiency of advice delivery.

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