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Reduce your costs to produce documents.

Professionals spend too much time writing documents. We're on a mission to automate document creation and Nod is proven to reduce document creation times by up to 70%.

Nod's document automation platform makes it easy to create conditional logic to handle any document automation requirement in a simple user interface.

There is no need to write any computer code or battle the complexity of the Microsoft Word universe.

Simply create rules that link your content to your data to drastically reduce your document creation times.

Minimise compliance risks.

Compliance and quality assurance teams spend too much time in archaic systems coding document templates and reviewing completed documents to check for compliance.

These same teams have no visibility over how these documents get used in the real world documenting advice for clients.

We make document template creation and management easy with our drag and drop interface and simple rule creation.

Compliance experts can control document template construction and ensure any updates to content are pushed out to all users in real-time.

No double-handling of data.

Nod integrates with other systems using APIs, CSV file upload and our Chrome Extension.

We cover the major systems used by financial planners and are always on the lookout for new systems to connect with.

Click here to read more about our integration with XPLAN.

The team have been sensational in on-boarding our business to the Nod platform and nothing has been too much trouble. We are excited to have partnered with a progressive company that is dedicated to streamlining the advice process!
Brad Blain, Belfast Wealth Management
“Finance Control has been using Nod for the last 6 months to improve efficiencies and manage paraplanning costs. It has allowed our business to focus energy on client engagement and team development by reducing the unnecessary time to edit documents."
Jodie Pyke, Finance Control

Nod has been proven to save firms up to 70% in document editing time.

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