Accounting File Note Template

A file note framework to help you efficiently record the details of client meetings and conversations.
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What is an Accounting File Note?

File notes are important because they are a treasure trove of background information about a client collected through meetings and conversations. The advantage of completing your file notes in Nod is that the information you collect in early meetings can be seamlessly transferred to other document types like a Statement of Tax Advice or Annual Report. No more double-data entry!

File notes are also important because they should demonstrate your thought process in coming to the advice you decided to give, an important set of documents for you to refer back to should the need ever arise.

Keeping your file notes in a digital document platform like Nod has the added benefit of reducing your firm's impact on the environment as well as ensuring you can access your notes in the cloud wherever you are and from any device.

Who is the Accounting File Note template appropriate for?

The Accounting File Note template is great for accounting firms of all sizes who are looking for a better way to complete and organise their file notes. In particular, this template is great for accounting firms who use file notes as the starting point for all of their customer relationships. Using the Nod file note template with it's ability to seamlessly copy the data entered in the file note into subsequent documents for that same client will save you so much time by removing data entry tasks from your workflow.