Small Business Annual Report Template

This Small Business Annual Report document template has been designed to help transform the data from your small business's annual client accounts into a concise and compelling report that can be shared with both the client and their stakeholders.
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What is a Small Business Annual Report?

A Small Business Annual Report is a report written by an accountant and delivered to a small to medium business owner at the end of a financial year.
A standard Small Business Annual Report will always include:

Data taken from the business's annual financial accounts that's then wrapped into a narrative reflective of the year's performance
Clear illustration the year's highlights, as well as areas for improvement.
At its best, a Small Business Annual Report will spur action from the business owner with incisive analysis of the performance of the business.

Who can use this Small Business Annual Report Template?

Like the Appointment of Director Minute template, the Small Business Annual Report template is great for accounting firms whose clients include small to medium businesses, and even Sole Traders.

If you're an accounting firm looking to add additional client value over and above the preparation of annual business accounts, this template is a great place to start.

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