Ongoing Service Agreement Template

An Ongoing Service Agreement is used by financial planners to document confirmation that a client has 'opted-in' to receive ongoing financial advice over a defined period of time.

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What is an Ongoing Service Agreement Template?

An Ongoing Service Agreement is an administrative document often provided to clients by a professional service prior to the delivery of their service.

A standard Ongoing Service Agreement Template should include:

The parameters of the service the client will receive including a clear outline of inclusions
A section seeking the client's explicit consent to withdraw ongoing fees from their account.

Who can use this Ongoing Service Agreement?

This Ongoing Service Agreement template can be used by a range of professionals looking to save time and streamline the process of onboarding clients.

While the template provides a solid framework for producing an Ongoing Service Agreement document, you can also tailor areas of the template, like the service package text, to suit your unique offerings and needs.

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