Record of Advice Template

A Record of Advice document framework plus a comprehensive library of financial advice strategy pages and summaries. This template also includes XPLAN-connected data fields for product comparison, fees and asset allocations.
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What is a Record of Advice?

A Record of Advice (ROA)is typically a shorter form of financial advice document provided to clients when a Statement of Advice has previously been provided, there has been no significant change to the client's circumstances since the Statement of Advice was provided, and the basis for the original advice has not changed. The ROA is still an important advice document in the financial planning process that re-confirms the financial planner's understanding of the client's circumstances and outlines any changes to the recommendations in the original Statement of Advice.

Who is the Record of Advice template appropriate for?

This Record of Advice template provides a document template framework outlining the structure of the Record of Advice. It includes a managed library of financial planning strategy text, including summarised snippets of strategy content more appropriate for an ROA. The template is kept up to date as industry regulations and legislation change. The template also includes a range of XPLAN-connected data fields and tables.

This Record of Advice template is great for licensees, self-licensed financial planning practices and new financial planning businesses who don't want to spend the time to build a new Record of Advice template from scratch. Styling of the final document can be customised to suit the brand guidelines of each individual financial planning practice.