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Nod is a document automation platform that empowers experts to help more people.

Automating document creation and review leaves more time for experts and their teams to spend more valuable time with their clients.

Below you'll find a series of articles on how to use Nod to automate document creation and review in your financial planning, legal, accounting or consulting practice.

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Create a list

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Lists are a great way to simplify your content. This guide outlines where to find the Bullet List and Numbered List button in the editor and how to format both using your keyboard.

*This guide is intended for users with a basic understanding of Nod. Click here to learn How Nod Works

Creating a list

From within your chosen content asset, click on the Bullet List button (see below).

Example: Bullet List

From here, start typing next to the bullet and hit 'Enter' on your keyboard to add another bullet item below. Note, this button may be called 'return' on your keyboard.

Once your list is complete, hit 'Enter' twice to finish your Bullet List and resume your paragraph.

Creating a Nested List

A nested list can be created by following the steps above, and then clicking on the right side of the bullet you wish to nest and hitting 'Tab' on your keyboard. A nested list will appear in the editor as follows.

Example: Nested List

To move your nested item back to its original position, hold down 'Shift' on your keyboard and tap the 'Tab' key. In summary, hit 'tab' to nest and 'shift-tab' to undo.

Creating a Numbered List

To create a numbered list simple click the 'Number List' button from the editor toolbar.

Example: Numbered List

Numbered lists behave the same as bullet lists; 'Enter' to add another list item, 'Tab' to indent (or nest), 'Shift-tab' to undo.

Joel Robbie