How to Nod

Nod is a document automation platform that empowers experts to help more people.

Automating document creation and review leaves more time for experts and their teams to spend more valuable time with their clients.

Below you'll find a series of articles on how to use Nod to automate document creation and review in your financial planning, legal, accounting or consulting practice.

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The Formula Function

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The Formulae feature allows you to calculate the value of an equality based on previous fields you have provided values for.

Clicking the formula icon will give you 3 options: output as a number; output as a percentage; and output as a currency, or monetary value.

Once this text has appeared in the document, you can navigate through the library to insert  fields that will automatically be calculated at the edit document stage.

Note that any values inserted into the formula must be classed as 'numerical'.

Operations supported within the brackets include addition (+), subtraction (-), division (/), and multiplication (*). Calculations will follow BODMAS sequence.