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Nod is a document automation platform that empowers experts to help more people.

Automating document creation and review leaves more time for experts and their teams to spend more valuable time with their clients.

Below you'll find a series of articles on how to use Nod to automate document creation and review in your financial planning, legal, accounting or consulting practice.

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Upload Document Template

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Creating new document templates in Nod could take a while if you had to copy across each bit of content from a Microsoft Word file individually. Now you don't have to! Using our new Upload Document Template feature you can simply upload an existing .docx template you have and Nod will copy all the content across for you.

Here are the steps you need to follow to upload a document template.

Steps to Upload:

1. Click Templates on the top right corner of your Nod Homepage. The Templates page will appear.

2. Click on the Create New button. A pop-up window will appear. Please read the instructions carefully.

3. Click on the Select File Button for selecting a word document (.docx only) to be uploaded. Give the Template a unique name. Template name should be different for the names of other templates present in your account.

4. Click on ‘Submit’. A new Template will get created.

5. Once the template is created. Open the template and start adding form fields and rules.

Note: Formatting doesn't always transfer across accurately from Microsoft Word. Always double-check your formatting and make sure your heading sizes are correct, bullet and numbered lists are added, tables and images appear correctly.

Kamakshi Kaul