Letter of Advice

Nod is a document automation platform for professional services. This Letter of Advice template has been built to assist legal practitioners to write clear, concise and consistent Letters of Advice in record time.
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What is a Letter of Advice?

A Letter of Advice is a document that presents the legal opinion of the lawyer to their client in a clear and concise manner. It should make it clear that the lawyer has understood the relevant client circumstances and in some cases should also highlight areas of the client's situation that haven't been discussed. It should summarise the key questions that have been asked by the client and are being addressed in the Letter of Advice. It should clearly state the lawyers instructions to the client in language that the client will understand and can act on.

Who is this Letter of Advice template appropriate for?

This Letter of Advice template will suit legal practitioners from a number of practice areas including Banking and Finance Law, Civil Litigation, Consumer Law, Commercial Law, Employment Law, Environment and Planning Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Real Estate and Property Law, Wills and Estates Law and Media Law.