Non-Disclosure Agreement

A flexible non-disclosure agreement template that can be used in-house legal teams to produce high quality NDAs with consistency and speed.
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What is a non-disclosure agreement?

A non-disclosure agreement (also sometimes called a confidentiality agreement) is a contract between two parties that sets out the knowledge, confidential material or information that is to be shared for a specific purpose. An NDA provides protection for the disclosing party and confirms the restrictions on how and where the confidential information can be used.

Who is a non-disclosure agreement appropriate for?

This template is great for in-house legal teams who don't want to pay a law firm thousands of dollars to come up with a template for them and want to automate the production of NDAs both within the in-house legal team. In-house legal teams will often provide access to this NDA template across the broader organisation to remove the burden of producing NDAs from the legal team entirely while ensuring the legal function maintains visibility over the NDAs being produced.