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30 clients
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500 automated actions
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500 clients
50 open task series
25,000 automated actions
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"Nod allows us to focus our energy on client management & team development...

Jodie Pyke - General Manager Finance Control
"Finance Control has been using Nod for the last 12 months, to improve efficiencies & manage costs. Nod allows our business to focus on client engagement and team development by reducing the unnecessary time devoted to documents, which had increased exponentially over the 12 months prior."

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Pricing FAQs

What is an automatic data entry?

There are a number of ways to get data automatically into a Nod document. You can integrate Nod data fields with your existing business systems via an API, you can upload a .csv file of data or copy data between different document templates. Manual data entry is time-consuming and about as enjoyable as bathing a stray cat. Automatic data entry is the golden ticket.

Will I know when I approach my subscription usage limit?

Yes. Your Nod dashboard includes real-time Insights into your account usage. If you're approaching your usage limits you can elect to pay the overage charges (great if your business is a bit seasonal in nature) or you can upgrade to the next subscription tier.

Do subscription plans come with a minimum contract?

Yes. All paid subscription plans come with a 12 month minimum contract term at this stage. Watch this space for any future updates to our contract terms...

Can I downgrade my subscription during the contract term?

No unfortunately not. At the end of your contract term you can elect to renew your contract on a lower subscription tier but you can't downgrade within your current contract term.

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