Invest in freeing up your time.

Financial planners, lawyers and accountants in firms of all sizes can free up their time to help more clients by investing in digital document automation technology.

Our approach to pricing our software links the price you pay to the value you receive from us. As you create more automation in your document creation process and save more time, you'll move up the subscription tiers.

All of our subscription plans include unlimited users, unlimited documents and unlimited templates.



/ month
500 Automated Edits
500 Automatic Data Entries
750 Rules on Content



/ month
1,000 Automated Edits
1,000 Automatic Data Entries
750 Rules on Content



/ month
5,000 Automated Edits
5,000 Automatic Data Entries
1,000 Rules on Content



/ month
20,000 Automated Edits
+ $0.50 per additional automated edit
20,000 Automatic Data Entries
+ $0.15per additional automatic data entry
1,000 Rules on Content

Big Firms

In our experience, big professional services firms can need significantly more automated edits and automatic data entries to automate the documents they produce as a part of their work. Our Enterprise plans have the following advanced features to help executives and managers to manage large teams of document creators:

- Key Risk Indicator / Data Reporting across multiple Nod accounts

- Centralised document template management (write once, sent to many Nod accounts)

- Allow individual teams or practices to style the documents with their brand while maintaining central control of content

- Dedicated account management to ensure you always have help at your fingertips

Nod can provide tailored enterprise pricing to larger firms and financial planning dealer groups so please get in touch!

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Pricing FAQs

What is an Automated Edit?

Nod automates document editing for professional services firms by automatically selecting the content to put into or remove from the document based on rules that have been configured in a document template. For example, if you enter a client's age into a Nod data field, and this data entry triggers a rule in a template that causes 10 content assets to be published into the document, that would count as 10 automated edits.

As always, things are best explained in gifs. Here is a gif showing an automated edit in action.

What is an Automatic Data Entry?

There are a few different ways you can get data automatically into a Nod document. You can integrate Nod data fields with your existing business systems via an API, you can upload a .csv file of data or copy data between different document template types. Manual data entry is time consuming and annoying - automatic data entry makes life easy for document creators!

Will I know when I am approaching my subscription usage limits?

Yes. Nod accounts include a real-time Insights dashboard showing their account usage. If you are approaching your usage limits you can elect to pay the overage charges (great if your business is a bit seasonal in nature) or you can upgrade to the next subscription tier.

Do subscription plans come with a minimum contract term?

Yes. All paid subscription plans come with a 12 month minimum contract term.

Can I downgrade my subscription during the contract term?

No unfortunately not. At the end of your contract term you can elect to renew your contract on a lower subscription tier but you can't downgrade within your current contract term.

Does "professional on-boarding" come at a cost?

Yes. We charge $10 per document template page for our team to set up your templates in Nod on your behalf.

Use the calculator below to see the impact of a modern document automation solution to your firm's bottom line.