With the Nod document automation platform you can create and maintain document templates with ease. Set up conditional logic that allows professionals to create documents in record time.

Add document content, identify where data fields are required to fill in content, create those fields and away you go.

Automate any document required for your business.

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Create logic for your document.

It is now easy to create conditional logic to handle any document automation requirement in a simple user interface.

There is no need to write any computer code or battle the complexity of the Microsoft Word universe.

Simply create rules that link your content to your data to drastically reduce your document creation times.

Edit in the browser.

Having oversight over how your teams are creating the important documents in your business is really hard today. Most people do this manually and spend lots of time reviewing documents.

Using the Nod editor you can capture edits and omissions in your documents, analyse this data and take action.

You can also use the editor to create capture new content for your document templates, improving the efficiency of document creation organically over time.

Build templates from bottom up.

Creating, managing and coding document templates in archaic legacy systems is currently really difficult and requires specialised technical resources.

Nod makes it easy for anyone in the organisation to create and maintain document templates with our simple drag-and-drop interface.

Automate any document with Form Builder.

Entering data into Word documents is prone to error. It's so easy to forget to remove some sensitive information or miss a spot where you were meant to enter a name.

Nod makes it easy to build a digital form to collect all the data you're going to need for your documents and enter those form fields as locations for data to enter your documents.

You build your form from a blank slate so you can create any form you want and automate any document!

Nod has been proven to save firms up to 80% in document editing time.

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