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Powering a smarter, better way for professional services to work, Nod is a data driven document automation service designed to streamline and automate the tedious and repetitive task of document creation.

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Streamline your client data & document workflows with code-free automation software everyone can use.

Nod's document eco-system seamlessly integrates client data, document design, asset sharing, compliance, template management & document creation to help busy professionals rediscover more of their most precious resource; time.
  • Document Automation
  • Manage Compliance
  • Template Management
  • Store & Share Assets
  • Marketing Automation
  • Insights & reporting
A springboard for better business

More time to focus on the bigger picture.

Automation is more about people than it is technology.  Our smarter, people-centric technology solves some of the most stubborn bottlenecks impacting professional services business.

Tackle inefficient workflows by expanding the automation capabilities of your team and take back your most precious resource: time.

Automate or stagnate

Harness the power of automation

The most important interaction for professional services is the exchange of knowledge. If document workflows are slow, sloppy & sprinkled with error-prone redundancies, you're leaving a lot to chance.

From pre made style templates and document automation to marketing automation and impact reporting, Nod’s intuitive features give any team the ability to quickly set up and customise workflows that improve efficiency and drive growth.

Crack the code

Code-free document automation the whole team can use.

Nod doesn’t require some fancy degree in coding. Our drag-and-drop editor is designed to make automation easy for everyone. No geek gene required.

Automations are easily created using rules to deliver compliant documents fast; not a code in sight.

Don't risk it

Combat Compliance

Centralised management of document templates and content assets takes productivity and compliance to a whole other level.

Reduce the "pain of the mundane"; deliver consistency, quality and compliance across your entire team, in just a fraction of the time.

We've got your back

We know what matters to you. It matters to us too.
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Data Encryption

To guarantee its security, all data is encrypted in transit via SSL in addition to Amazon's enterprise grade encryption services on EBS and S3.

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We run a tight ship. We continuously run testing against our software for security vulnerabilities & patch any risks before they reach production.

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When it comes to both people and product, we maintain a least permissions approach, ensuring access is controlled & necessarily restricted.

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Time isn't just money

Reduce document creation times and efficiencies by up to 80%.

Think about it... The 10 hours you devoted to documents yesterday, could've been done in just two hours with Nod. #justsaying

Don't dish up the dog's breakfast

Document design & formatting done for you in a couple of clicks.

Bland, boring or badly formatted documents are très uncool. Create beautiful branded document templates from scratch, or leave the fiddly formatting stuff to us and use a style template.

Either way, with Nod you can forget clicking around desperately trying to format the unfixable.

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Impact all round

Build your profile & unleash long term profitability.

Make the most of your expertise by increasing your impact. Take advantage of our content service and amplify your brand through highly shareable social media and blog posts. Use your impact to differentiate your brand and set your service apart from the rest; impact growth drives better business and bigger long term profitability.

Stay in sync

Team work is the dream work...

Collaborate with ease. Manage documents as a team and ensure consistency across the board. Stay in sync as you create, annotate, and collaborate on files.

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Ready when you are

Wherever & whenever you need them

With manual workflows, there’s no such thing as a centralised document database. Hello inconsistency. With a unified template management system, the right templates & content assets are easily accessed, readily available and never lost.

Making Good Advice more accessible

The right advice can take you anywhere

Spend more time providing value to your clients and less time managing manual tasks or shuffling paperwork. We're making good advice more accessible by helping the experts who deliver it. Good advice at the right moment can change everything.

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Impress your clients

Measure what matters most...

Gain visibility to make better business decisions. Get document insights that let you act at the right time, every time. Access the impact stories behind every document to generate measurable insights into the true value of your expertise operational data just doesn't deliver.

Finance Control has been using Nod for the last 12 months to improve efficiencies & manage costs. It's allowed us to focus energy on client engagement & team development by reducing document creation time which had been increasing exponentially. Using Nod, we can easily modify templates as our industry changes -  and have those changes instantly & consistently reflected in every document going forward.
Jodie Pyke
General Manager, Finance Control
The team at Nod have been sensational in on-boarding our business to the Nod platform. Nothing has been too much trouble. We are excited to have partnered with a progressive company that is dedicated to streamlining the advice process!
Brad Blain
Belfast Wealth Management

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