Document automation for professional services.

Any document can be automated in Nod using our flexible and easy-to-use template creation system.

Add document content, identify where data fields are required to fill in content, create those fields and away you go. You can automate any document required for your business.

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Accountants wrangle a whole lot of numerical data on behalf of their clients. The production of Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets and Cashflow Statements have all been largely automated by accounting software. So what's left?

For those accountants looking to move up the value chain and form an advisory relationship with their business and high net worth clients, efficient document creation to deliver insights and information is a must have.

Accountants are using Nod to produce documents such as:

- Management reports
- Advisory documents
- Annual business reports


Law firms are expected to produce a range of documents in a timely way and to an incredibly high standard. Internal legal teams have the same high expectations on them in terms of the quality and speed of document creation.

Many law firms and internal legal teams lack a sophisticated method of tracking the precedent content used in their legal documents, how much their lawyers deviate from those precedents and the ultimate quality of documents delivered for clients.

Law firms are using Nod to produce and check documents like:

- Letter of Advice
- Contracts
- Shareholders Agreements
- Letters of Demand
- Prospectus


Insurance companies document their coverage agreements with their customers in policy documents. These policy documents can range in size and complexity. A large percentage are often written manually using word processing software, a process prone to error

Insurance companies can gain efficiencies and better quality control by using document automation software to automate a lot of the manual document creation tasks undertaken by their teams.

Insurance companies use Nod to produce documents like:

- Insurance Policies
- Legal agreements