Statement of Advice Template (SoA)

For financial advisors

What is a Statement of Advice (SoA)?

A Statement of Advice (SOA) is a client document provided by financial planners and advisers, that clearly articulates important information related to the disclosure of financial advice.

A regulated obligation with the provision of personal financial advice in Australia, this Statement of Advice template provides a structured framework for the creation of clear and compliant Statement of Advice documents. It includes the client’s personal objectives, financial situation and needs, as well as the strategies and financial products being recommended by the financial planner.

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Statement of Advice Template Overview.

Complimented by a comprehensive library of text common to the delivery of financial advice, this Statement of Advice template delivers a well structured Statement of Advice document framework, suitable for financial planners and advisors delivering personal financial advice to retail clients.

The template also includes XPLAN-connected data fields for product comparisons, asset allocations and more. Styling of the final document can be customised to reflect a specific brand identity.

Who can use this SoA Template?

The primary purpose of every Statement of Advice is to ensure that clients receive the good quality advice they need to make informed decisions. As such, it’s essential every detail is correct and communicated clearly

An essential document for financial planners and advisors, this Statement of Advice template is suitable for Australian Financial licensees, self-licensed financial planning practices and new financial planning businesses delivering financial advice to retail clients. An ideal option for busy firms looking to bypass the task of creating their own Statement of Advice documents from scratch.
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