How to Nod

Nod is a document automation platform that empowers experts to help more people.

Automating document creation and review leaves more time for experts and their teams to spend more valuable time with their clients.

Below you'll find a series of articles on how to use Nod to automate document creation and review in your financial planning, legal, accounting or consulting practice.

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Creating New Content Assets

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Content assets are the building blocks of your Nod document. They allow you to break your document into segments and assign rules to them that dictate how the document behaves when you are editing it.

  1. Navigate to the Library.
  2. Click the 'Content' tab, then 'Create New'. Give you asset a clear name.

You can create an asset completely from scratch, but if you have existing advice documents, it's a good idea to copy over from those. It's much quicker this way, and you won't forget any details in existing documents that you need to include.

See our guide to formatting your content assets here

  1. Once you have the main body of text written, identify which data points within the documents will alter according to the client. These will be your 'fields'.
  2. You can search fields in the Library in the right-hand column and easily insert them into the document by clicking the '+' beside the field name.
  3. You can repeat field entries in your asset to avoid repeating data entry at the document creation stage. This means you only need to type your client's name once and it will flow through the whole document!
  4. While creating a content asset, you can assign Rules to fields you've inserted to dictate how they will behave once in the document.

See how guide on writing rules here.

  1. Don't forget to click 'Apply Changes' when exiting the asset editing screen!